Dealing with Mid-life Crisis and Aging Parents

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Dealing with Mid-life Crisis and Aging Parents

July 20, 2017 Health & Beauty 0

When we think of mid-life crisis, our mind travels forward 40 years later. We imagine existential confusion and bereavement. But today, as studies suggest, a mid-life crisis comes earlier. For older adults, time is both an unnoticed, fleeting force and a friend of stasis. Inevitable phenomena aged care demand is going up and families are desperate for it. In Australia, it’s unstoppable—just look at some luxurious Brighton aged care facilities that have been popping around suburbs like mushrooms.


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Why it happens inevitably

Mid-life crisis is caused by the times you spend thinking when you’re bored and disappointed. Those empty gaps between your hectic, occupied days are a plethora for a lot of self-reflections. Past decisions also often come to mind and their consequences in the future worry you. You start to wonder if you made the right choices in your 20s. Did you choose the right career? What if it’s all pointless in the end? The anxiety, confusion, and pain from knowing you can’t turn back time—that’s mid-life crisis. It’s inevitable because as humans, we will be forever terrifyingly fascinated with death.

Plan for a mid-life crisis?

How do you even plan for a mid-life crisis? Older adults who have been there will tell you two things: one is to “Make solid plan”; while the second is “Don’t.” If you want to survive a mid-life crisis, the only thing you should remember is how to do your best to keep things balanced, or at least avoid having a one-track mind. There will be areas in your mid-life crisis that will need planning, while some needs you to hunt for opportunities.

Identity Crisis with an Aging Parent

Identity crisis also slowly seeps in as mid-life crisis arrives in your life. You may experience confusion because of the new responsibilities you’re about to take such as taking care of an aging parent. The financial and emotional burden takes their toll on you. Nonetheless, remember to be patient because we all age inevitably. We owe the elderly some love and patience.

If you’re in Brisbane, you can help your aging parent take the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment if they’re eligible for government-funded home care assistance. The Brighton aged care agencies offer services such as respite and palliative care. Respite helps you with the transition of sending your aged parent to a nursing home. The respite Brighton aged care agencies offer these days have Holiday Assistance packages if you’re too stuffed with responsibilities during holidays.

Meanwhile, if your parent is seriously ill, you may also opt for a residential palliative care Brighton agencies provide. Adult children are welcome anytime to visit. You can also join a community aged care Brighton families usually join.

For the meantime…

You can cope with a mid-life crisis by doing these activities:

  • Stay active and jog with a buddy.
  • Don’t stop learning. Read books about topics you’ve never heard before and enroll in courses
  • Taste different local and international cuisines.
  • Take memorable photographs you don’t need to upload on social media.
  • Listen to music you don’t usually prefer.
  • Volunteer. This helps you combat stressors if your life is monotonous. Plus you can meet people.
  • Spend time with your aging parents even for an hour. All they want is your love and your understanding.

By being open-minded, mid-life crisis won’t be a drowning experience that will send you downhill—but a challenge you will absolutely overcome. See more at Aarcare.