The Prime Distinctions between Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

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The Prime Distinctions between Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

September 19, 2018 Physio 0

Both massage therapy and physiotherapy are therapeutic applications employed widely by numerous professionals all across the globe. Riverview physiotherapy specialists just as all their counterparts elsewhere, apply it for enhancing the well-being as well as body condition of their clients.

Comparing Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

A renowned medical profession, the practice of physiotherapy is only performed by licensed and registered physiotherapists. They apply it when providing care to their patients with aim of eradicating diverse pains, headache and body injuries that could include therapy or therapeutic exercise of a certain form.

Certain manual techniques are applied as well, relative to the specific condition from which a given patient suffers. Massage therapy by contrast involves nothing more than an alternative practice of medicine comprising of structured body motions employed for manipulating body muscles and ligaments. Normally, Riverview physiotherapy experts create individualized and tailored programs for each patient, with aim of reinstating function and movement to the body. Aspects of age, body weight, injuries and diseases all are factors that can severely limit human locomotion.

Forms of Physiotherapy

A lot of treatments are available for revamping the well-being of a person, such as functional training, manual techniques and therapeutic workouts. That said a good number of physiotherapists specialize in reintegration of the pelvic floor, acupressure, custom bracing, acupuncture as well as myofascial release.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Undertaking physiotherapy has potential of imparting a couple of benefits to an individual. It relieves patients of neck pain, back pain, shoulder injuries, sclerosis, arthritis, sprains, fractures, wounds and like body injuries which relate to doing regular work or participating in sports. A physiotherapist as well develops diverse programs for retraining function and limited movement, curtailing possible loss of mobility, minimizing body pain and preventing any disorders present in one’s body.

Forms of Massage Therapy

Massage is a technique employed by licensed and certified practitioners that involves applying a host of techniques to move one’s muscles, soft tissues and relieve other body aches. Massage therapy techniques can include, yet are not limited to rubbing, gliding and kneading as well as vibrating, shaking, compressing and at times passive and active stretching within the normal anatomical motion range. Common types of such therapy include Trigger massage, Swedish massage, Head massage and Deep tissue massage. Most massage therapists from all across the globe apply these forms.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has the capacity of treating disorders of various kinds. In addition, it aids in relieving muscle stiffness and body aches while also reducing pain and muscle spasms as well as enhancing blood circulation, boosting immunity and normalizing blood pressure. Furthermore, massage therapy can help in alleviating pregnancy-associated aches and discomfort along with boosting athletic performance. You may also end up recovering from intense workout sessions as an express benefit of undertaking this form of therapy that can also help you to manage headache, depression and anxiety.

Riverview physiotherapy professionals can implement this practice in a special way following a complete medical examination, physical evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention. Conversely, the practice of massage therapy consists of generic, hands-on techniques normally employed for relieving fatigue, balancing worklife, achieving relaxation, managing stress and alleviating body aches to impart an ecstatic effect.

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